American Sealants Inc. has built a reputation based on the knowledge and experience we have to offer customers of all sizes.  We have a dedicated staff who understands a customers supply chain needs and the importance of quality.  With industry leading innovative equipment and a dedicated, experienced workforce, we can fulfill your business needs.

Application Driven Technical Staff

Our technical staff has been dedicated to applying their knowledge to help customers with custom solutions, custom blends, troubleshooting applications, cost saving processes and a lot more.  We have experience with Loctite, Sealants, Silicones, Urethanes and so much more.  With such a diverse product line we have a lot to offer our clients.  Our technical staff has over 50 years of collective experience in the industry.

Packaging and Private Labeling Solutions

American Sealants Inc. has innovative packaging solutions and machinery that has continued to service some of the largest repackaging/contract packaging and private labeling issuing companies in the world.  With this innovative machinery, a streamlined production process, and a skilled, customer friendly staff we will create quality products that meet specific supply chain needs.

We have the capabilities to do complex repackaging jobs of both high and low volume.  With our innovative machine technology we have optimized speed and quality to produce orders on time and efficiently.  We are experienced in private labeling orders and attribute a lot of our time to make sure they are fulfilled with quality and precision.

Custom Color Match

ASI also have the capabilities to color match for specific jobs.  With a state of the art color blending facility we can provide custom colors to match most projects.

Custom Silicone Solutions

We also manufacture and blend silicones for custom solutions for a particular customer.  We can often produce custom silicones for a specific customer to keep them under budget, while not sacrificing any of the properties they may want in the silicone. We custom manufacture these silicones so that they carry the same quality as our other products but with the specific desires of our clients.

Innovative Machinery

ASI has innovative machinery that produces a quality product efficiently.  Our machinery helps us optimize our efficiency with both low volume and high volume orders.  ASI has and continues to use its machinery along with an experienced workforce to produce high volume orders from some of the largest companies in their respective industries and for low volume customers who seek a professional job as well.  Whatever the circumstance, we have the technology and experience to complete almost any order on time, and with unmatched quality.

Quality Through Testing

American Sealants Inc. is dedicated to reassuring the customer that the product will work.  We often ask for samples of the material so that we can test in our labs the material on each application.  If that is not a possibility, we ask our clients to continually test the material on the application to insure reliability.  If you are not sure what exactly you need for your application or would like to inquire for more information, contact us online or directly through phone or email.

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About American Sealants, Inc.

Since 1987 American Sealants has become a recognized and trusted manufacturer, supplier and packager for some of the biggest brand name adhesive and industrial companies in the United States. American Sealants Inc. has grown due to its manufacturing capabilities, core values, and quality control processes. As a leader in the industry, our experienced customer service and technical team are here to ensure your satisfaction. You can be assured that you are receiving a quality product. We do not cut corners to provide cost savings – rather we offer a high performing product at a competitive price through our capabilities and processes. If you do not see something listed on our website, please do not hesitate to call and ask. With our experience we can help you get moving in the right direction.