Aerosol Can For RTV Silicones & Grease

Posted on October 3, 2014 by Andrew Zaremba


American Sealants Inc. has expanded its capabilities to include an aerosol self propelled can!  Private label an ASI RTV Silicone in an aerosol can for a self propelled easy to dispense bead or send us your material for contract packaging!

With countless hours of research and testing we have worked to perfect a bead dispensing aerosol can for a variety of materials! What separates our can from current cans in the market?

-Nitrogen Powered & Safe: Nitrogen insures stability for moisture cure adhesives & caulks. Nitrogen is safer than most other propellants used. The can is a one piece can which gives it additional strength.

-Improved Piston: We do not use a flimsy piston that allows over time for propellant to leak into the material creating air bubbles or faulty can. Instead we use a substantial double wall piston with other proprietary advancements that keeps the propellant separated in both extreme heat and cold.

-Faster More Efficient Dispensing: One of the improvements we have made is dispense time.  Most other cans will take 9+ minutes to dispense and drastically slow towards the end of the can. Our improvements make for a faster dispense time which leads to a cleaner bead.  We also see less of a speed drop off towards the end of the can which keeps the end user happy and material from being wasted.

-Less Waste & More Consistent: Another common complaint is waste & dispensable volume.  There are cans that use a foil bag technology.  The problem with this is that the foil does not crumble in a consistent manner which can lead to material waste. This not only creates a weight and measures problem but also can cost the customer material.  Our dome shaped piston creates a consistent dispense pattern and allows us to maximize dispensable volume.  This creates efficiency and saves material for both the manufacture & customer.  All of these advancements make this can environmentally sustainable.

-Advanced Nozzle Options & Ease of Use: Most nozzles come on the side of the can and can be easily lost. We attach our nozzles right onto the actuator which makes our product not only easy to use but also keeps the end user from losing it over time. The nozzle also can be detached.  Therefore, if the material cures in the nozzle in between uses a new nozzle can be put on or you can take off the nozzle and dispense straight from the actuator connection point. (Please keep in mind that after a use the material would cure into the can over an extended period of time if using a moisture cure product.)

How Does It Work? The standard nozzle operates easily.  You would cut the caulk tip off of the nozzle to the desired bead size.  Then push the nozzle over to the side which actuates the piston and dispenses the material out of the hole cut in the nozzle.  There are trigger nozzles available as well as other advanced nozzles and patterns for different applications.  Please inquire if interested.

What Materials Can Be Packaged Into The Aerosol Can? We have tested a variety of RTV silicone technologies, caulks, greases, and other thixotropic paste like materials. There is room to expand this list and we are willing to help you perform test if you are interested in additional technologies being placed in our can.

CLICK here to watch a video of the can operation

ASI will introduce some of our standard products such as the ASI 502 & ASI 335 soon to this packaging.  Please let us know if you have interest in our label so that we can gauge interest and offer it to you and other customers!  If interested in private label or contract packaging please contact us for further information and opportunities!

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