ASI 5900

Fast Grab Hybrid Adhesive

Description: ASI 5900 Fast Grab Hybrid Adhesive is a one-part, moisture cure hybrid adhesive.  ASI 5900 offers a fast fixture time and excellent green strength.  ASI 5900 can be used on both construction and industrial applications.

  • Fixtures fast, reduces the need for braces and fasteners.
  • Excellent green strength, strength develops quickly (chart on PDS).
  • DOES NOT contain solvents or isocyanates, VOC Compliant.
  • Easy to work with, dispenses easily at a wider temperature range.
  • Bonds to wet substrates
  • Reduce costs, requires less adhesive than comparable products.
  • Can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces with no sagging.
  • Achieves over 50 psi or about 3,000 lbs. per linear foot of bond area.
  • Low odor, easy clean up.

ASI 5900 Fast Grab Adhesive is commonly used as a construction adhesive.  Typical construction adhesives are solvent or water based products.  ASI 5900 uses a polyether technology which is more stable at a variety of temperatures.  A typical construction adhesive will sag when hot and be hard to caulk when cold.  The ASI 5900 will not be as affected by these cold and hot temperatures which makes it easier to use.  Because of its strength and fast fixture time users of the ASI 5900 have reported cutting the amount of adhesive they use by up to 50% which offers them additional savings.

Substrates: ASI 5900 will bond to most common building substrates including: metal, glass, wood, granite, porous surfaces, brick, concrete, drywall, sheet rock, porcelain, fiberglass, etc. ASI 5900 can be used on a variety of other substrates not listed.

Common applications include: RV roofing, floor & panel installation, subfloor, manufacturing and assembly, general construction, countertop installation & manufacturing.  ASI 5900 can be used on a variety of other applications where a fast grabbing adhesive is required.

Color: Natural White (special colors available upon request)


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