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Technical Service Director
American Sealants Inc. is looking for a motivated individual to develop a technical department to support our sales and manufacturing.  The role will be a long-term career opportunity with increasing responsibility as growth continues.  The candidates must be able to implement new ideas, stay flexible and work well with all aspects of a business.

  • Responsibilities include:
  • Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet writing and updating
  • Manage AAMA, NSF, UL & similar product certifications and standards
  • Maintain product compliance for shipping and selling in different states & countries
  • Attend training opportunities to develop technical knowledge in our market
  • Implement testing equipment and progressively create a lab
  • Creating new adhesive formulations based on sales needs
  • Adjust current products for new projects and requirements
  •  Provide customers with technical information and application support
  • Train with sales staff to understand applications and provide support
  •  Provide quality support and implantation process’ with production
  •  Additional responsibilities as needed
  • Skills Needed:
  • Strong communication skills needed
  • Ability to complete both long term and short term projects
  • Self-motivated employee with the desire to learn
  • Hands-on skills as well as technical knowledge
  • Requirements Include:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or relative field
  • Flexible schedule and travel
  • Previous relevant work experience preferred but not required

Location: American Sealants Inc. – 3806 Option Pass, Fort Wayne, IN 46818

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