ASI Window Sealant is AAMA Approved!

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ASI Window Sealant AAMA Approved!!

 American Sealants Inc. has just received three new AAMA approvals.  The following are the new AAMA approval listings; 802.3-10, 803.3-10, 805.2-10.  ASI Window Sealant has proven durability, bonding capability, consistency, and it is AAMA approved.  ASI Window Sealant is available in a variety of different colors including, white, flat white, blue white, bronze, cocoa, clear, beige, canvas, terratone, sandstone renewal, and sandstone.  We also have custom color matching capabilities.  Our window caulk is 100% silicone.  It will not shrivel like other products on the market and dry out which leads to cracking.  Instead, because it is 100% silicone, what you see when you apply is what you will get.  We also add quality in the way we fill our window caulk cartridges.  We do not simply fill a cartridge and package it, instead there are a system of quality control points in which we check for errors in the product.  This is why you will not have air bubbles when you are caulking with ASI Window Sealant.  These are just a few reasons why you should trust and use ASI Window Sealant for your next job!




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